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12 organic products to clean your motorhome while respecting the environment

Maintenance products are essential to keep a motorhome in good condition. And cleaning it with 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients is healthy, easy and inexpensive. Here is a selection of 12 organic, effective, scented and environmentally friendly products, which guarantee a clean and sparkling interior. Clean your vehicle yes, but in organic mode to pollute less. Delphine Besana – Photos: DR

A motorhome is like a house: lots of little nooks to clean. Whether it’s a big spring cleaning before the start of a new season, or the daily maintenance of surfaces and equipment, it’s important to use the right products. Those that do not damage your motorhome, preserve your health, and respect the planet.

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Organic Powerpods Liquid Capsules

Like some washing machine tablets, these small pre-dosed liquid capsules are designed to sanitize the toilet cassette. The principle is simple: you put a dose in the material tank with 2 liters of water so that the Powerpods dissolve quickly. The range of “Bio Powerpods” disintegrates materials to facilitate the emptying of tanks and is compatible with septic tanks. They guarantee between 80 and 100 days of peace of mind.

  • Price: €27.95 for 20 Organic Powerpods

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H2O at home disinfectant

It eliminates bacteria on all surfaces. This disinfectant also has a fungicidal and virucidal effect and leaves a feeling of freshness and a pleasant smell of mint. A 100% natural fragrance thanks to the essential oils that go into its composition. A spray 30 cm from the surface, leave to act for 5 minutes then wipe with a microfiber cloth.

  • Price: €13.40 for the 500 ml vaporizer and 3 refills of 10 ml

Aqua Kem Green Concentrate

Environmentally friendly, this sanitary additive from Thetford effectively controls odors and liquefies solids in the holding tank for easy emptying. Available in bottle form, it works for up to five days.

  • Price: €15.95

Green Bubble Dish Soap

Pleasantly scented with organic lemon and pine essential oils, Bulle Verte concentrated dishwashing liquid has excellent cleaning and degreasing power which makes rinsing easier. Thus, the dishes are shiny without any trace and guarantee soft hands.

  • Price: €5.59 per litre,

Bulle Verte kitchen degreaser

It is ultra-powerful, cleans and removes grease from all types of surfaces: stainless steel, plastic, oven, worktop, floor, etc., without damaging them. The kitchen degreaser from Bulle Verte removes and emulsifies grease with ease. Composed of essential oils of organic lemon and bergamot, this product will leave a pleasant smell in the kitchen.

  • Price: €5.39,

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Green Plaisance chemical toilets

100% organic, this product is effective for treating your chemical toilets. Made from micro-organisms and plant-based surfactants, it masks and reduces bad smells, hydrolyzes and degrades organic matter. The principle is simple: all you have to do is pour 2 to 4 doses of the product into the waste tank with a capacity of 10 litres. Leaves a pleasant smell in the compartment.

  • Price: €24.69 for a 1 liter container

Organic Fluid

It is designed for the waste tank of motorhome toilets. The Organic liquid from Elsan – distributed by Lavi – incorporates ingredients that accelerate the natural decomposition of materials while preventing the development of bad odors. Safe for the environment, the holding tank can be emptied into septic tanks.

  • Price: €15.90

Kanberra air freshener

Kanberra gel is formulated with tea tree essential oil and is effective in eliminating stubborn odors. Just open the jar, remove the lid and place it wherever you want in the motorhome cabin. Effective for up to 90 days.

  • Price: €20.70 for a 57g jar

Solbio 4-in-1

This natural toilet liquid is 100% organic and contains no toxic substances. Herbal ingredients and essential oils release scents of eucalyptus and fresh mint. This self-purifying 4-in-1 has a cleaning effect on waste, flush and waste water tanks.

  • Price: €24.99

Matt Chem Fabric Cleaner

Its 100% plant-based formula respects the fibers of all textiles. Matt Chem’s cleaner easily and thoroughly maintains textiles while reviving fabric colors. Simply apply the product to the dirt using a soft cloth or slightly damp sponge.

  • Price: €11.90

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Dometic instant tablets

Lighter and less bulky than liquids, Dometic tablets are wrapped in a soluble film and guarantee the rapid destruction of materials while preventing the formation of bad odors. This additive is suitable for all portable and cassette toilets.

  • Price: €20 for a box of 16 capsules,

Green Plaisance All-Surface Cleaner

Made from soft clay, this cleaning product is 100% natural and biodegradable. After slightly moistening the sponge and passing it several times over the paste, this cleaning stone from Green Plaisance can be used on all the surfaces of your vehicle and leaves a pleasant lemony scent. Thanks to its 3 in 1 action, it cleans, degreases and shines in one go.

  • Price: €9.60 for a 550g jar

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