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It was a year ago, KD’s extension with the Nets for 4 years and 198M

The summer of 2021 will forever be etched in our fan memories. Why ? Because the flirtation between July and August will have offered us almost at the same time the NBA Finals, the Free Agency, the Olympic Games, the Draft and the Summer League. Are you serious? Oh yeah. The scars of this crazy period are still there, a year later, so much so that we decided, over a few days, to remind you of some of these still present memories. 2021 intravenously. Today ? We come back to the extension of Kevin Durant with the Nets for 4 years and 198 million dollars. Lol.

Kevin Durant extends in Brooklyn for 198 million dollars over 4 years, KD and the Nets are made to last!

This is what we headlined a year ago. Unless you live in a cave, you will surely have noticed: things have changed a lot since then. the big three of the Nets is now just a big memory. James Harden? Gone to the Sixers. Kyrie? Wants to stay with the Lakers. KD? Wants Irving to quit with the Lakers and wants to quit too. If a very cold wind is now blowing over Brooklyn, such an air conditioning was hardly possible a year ago. Kevin Durant will never change. Only a short year after signing a four-season extension with the Nets, KD would now like to get away. Always so unpredictable in his career choices, the “Slim Reaper” had nevertheless affirmed his commitment to Brooklyn last year. In any case, it’s the big party in Bedford-Stuyvesant this August 6, 2021. For good reason, the best basketball player in the area confirms his commitment with the local team and that means that the NBA title will remain the objective.

While the winger’s contract already guaranteed his presence in thee Bronx for the 2021-2022 season, the management of the Nets surprised everyone by announcing the extension of its superstar for four seasons. Small signature at the bottom right of the papelard and the case is in the bag, Durant should have been, and is still at the time of writing these lines, a Nets player until… 2026! The symbol is strong, very strong even since KD had at the base a player option for the Free Agency In progress. To give up so much flexibility, he still has to be really attached to the franchise project, this boy.

Returning from a terrible Achilles tendon injury during his last campaign in the Warriors jersey, the great Kevin nevertheless made everyone agree during the 2020-21 financial year. Still as intractable in attack, the number 7 sent a mixtape offensive throughout the season, removing doubts about possible physical problems. Collectively, Brooklyn rolls out and even finishes second in the East, heading towards a campaign of playoffs panting to the end. The most attentive among you will surely remember that KD and his gang have gone up to a size of sneakers close to sending the Bucks – ultimately champions that year – to take it easy under the sunlights of the tropics. The foundations are laid and the prospects offered by the trio Kyrie, KD and Harden are insane. Looking forward to the 2021-2022 season.

So yes… but ultimately no. Three months. That’s what it took to make it all go downhill. Irving not playing, Durant injuring his knee, and James Harden who takes advantage of the last moments of the trade deadline winter to spin in Philadelphia in a blockbuster trade around Ben Simmons in particular. The Harden – Irving – Durant trio eventually becomes the Irving – Durant duo, and will probably even become Durant at all or no one at all. In basketball, everything is definitely going very quickly and almost everything has changed since KD’s famous extension a year ago.

Between injuries, extra-sporting affairs and uneven results, the dissolution of a roster with yet delirious potential seemed inevitable. If Kyrie Irving seems good at the start, the future of KD is today a little more vague. Announced in different franchises (Boston, Miami, Indiana or even Toronto), the “Slime Reaper” could actually just as well stay in the Bronx. For the moment, it is clear that nothing is changing and very clever will be the one able to guess the turn that events will take. While waiting for the situation to settle down, prepare your best cocktail, put on your most beautiful bob and pose in front of the highlights by KD Bed-Stuy version. Watch your eyes, it might sting.

Recently announced on the shelves of the Celtics, Kevin Durant is still a Nets player. So, will go, won’t go? Rather Heat, Celtics or Toronto? So many questions that remain unanswered for now. In any case one thing is certain, no matter the color of his jersey, KD should still lay us pretty mixtapes next season.

Text source: ESPN

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