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Italy, shared energy – Today’s economy

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It is a global phenomenon which spares no country and which hits the poorest hardest: inflation undermines everyone’s purchasing power. Faced with soaring prices, everyone has their anti-crisis recipe. Report today in Italy, in the village of Turano Lodigiano which has been hosting an “energy community” since last fall. The project was born before the explosion in energy prices, but it nevertheless allows savings to be made.

So that’s the first part of the installation. These are the panels placed on the roof of the school gymnasium. »

In the quiet and sunny little square of Turano Lodigiano, Fabrizio Prestinoni, strategy advisor for the energy supplier Sorgenia, presents the facilities of the first renewable energy community in Lombardy: “ These two units provide part of the consumption of the gymnasium and the changing rooms, and supply a total of nine municipal premises of the renewable energy community “.

Electricity production of 50,000 KWh

Fourteen individuals and a church also adhere to this system. They must reside in a defined area but they are not necessarily physically connected to each other by any particular device.

The electricity from the panels is consumed by the meters that are physically connected to them. It is real self-consumption. The energy surplus is taken into account in the calculation of the virtual self-consumption. It is the energy consumed when the panels produce but by the members of the community who are not physically connected to the panels… This self-consumption is valued by bonuses which remunerate the renewable energy community. That’s it, the mayor has arrived ! »

Emiliano Lottaroli and Sorgenia had plans to install a photovoltaic site in Turano Lodigiano when the Italian Parliament took up the European directive on energy communities. The city councilor then took stock of the current file: “ Of all the public buildings, we saw that we could take advantage of around 30 % of energy produced. The rest, we should have injected into the network with a derisory economic compensation “.

The opportunity was therefore seized, and this community managed by Sorgenia via a digital platform was born. Figures given by Mario Mauri, the company’s sales and green technology manager, confirm this: more electricity was self-consumed.

The installation produces 50 000 KWh, the whole community uses 80 %. And on average, members consume 50 % of energy produced by the community and the other half is always supplied by the network. This is due to the fact that there is not a perfect alignment of consumption and production. This will be amplified by a storage battery that is being set up. »

A social, cultural and environmental value

Beyond Turano Lodigiano, since the start of the energy crisis, Sorgenia has been in greater demand. ” The demand has increased a lot and one of the reasons is certainly the cost of energy, and above all the concern linked not only to the price, but also to the availability of energy. »

So, what savings can be made? In his office, Emiliano Lottaroli, the mayor of Turano Lodigiano, gives, supporting document, the first estimates: ” The total saving amounted to 30 June at 8970 euros. Apart from these economic considerations, there is a social, cultural and environmental value of this community “.

The community started producing less than a year ago. Some points remain to be clarified: How do we distribute these 9000 euros to the members ? We have yet to determine it, knowing that the municipality and members intend to allocate part of it to families in difficulty and in fuel poverty. “.

Mariarosa Caprini joined the Solisca community primarily for environmental reasons. She does not yet know what she has been able to save, but she has changed her habits: ” The mayor explained it to us. Before, I put the clothes in the washing machine at 6 a.m., so I could hang up before coming to the office, now I start the washing machine at 9 a.m. before going out because I know it’s sunny. I know the energy is green and then I save money “.

An application gives advice to members for more efficient and less expensive consumption.


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