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LeBron James expected to sign extension with Lakers through 2024

If the signing of an extension of LeBron James with the Lakers seemed acquired for some time, doubts still remained as to the form that it would take. A year ? One year with a player option? Two years ? It would seem that the second possibility is the one considered, since the King could then have complete freedom over his future in the summer of 2024, when his son Bronny will land in the big League.

To how do you recognize one of the — if not the — most important players in the NBA? Quite simply to the fact that while he is not even a free agent, the future of the latter is already shaping current events. You will understand, LeBron James is obviously part of this category. Eligible for a contract extension since Thursday, the King must make a decision that will one way or another have a huge impact on the League for years to come. And while no deal has been officially reached yet, multiple sources report that LBJ is set to sign for an additional year — in addition to the remaining year of his current contract — with a player option for the 2024-25 season.. We recap for those who have not followed at the bottom of the class: in all likelihood, LeBron should still be under contract with the Lakers for two years, that is until 2024, with a player option for the third year. A classic 1+1 extension, the amount of which can theoretically reach 97.1 million dollars. As we explained to you a few days ago, James said he felt good in Los Angeles and did not plan to leave the franchise as soon as the next Free Agency. It is therefore always in this direction that the latest rumors continue to point, of course announcing the summer of 2024 as the cornerstone of the future of the superstar, who has clearly displayed his greatest goal at present: play with his son Bronny, wherever he is, and who will no doubt be drafted that year.

“Most people NBC Sports have spoken to in the League expect LeBron to sign an extension, regardless of form. In the end, he might just use leverage to send a message about roster changes — it’s not like Rob Pelinka and company haven’t tried trading Westbrook — but ultimately, LeBron doesn’t sound like he wants to turn her upside down in Los Angeles. Most sources NBC spoke to expect LeBron to take the 1+1 option, but he could take his time signing her. Nothing is rushed. And if that keeps the pressure on the Lakers to improve the roster, that’s for the best. »

— Kurt Helin from NBC Sports

But if everything seems so simple, why has nothing been signed yet? Very good question Russell, it almost sounds like you care. If the two parties have not yet reached an official agreement despite “productive” discussions according to Dave McMenamin of ESPNit is above all because there is no hurry, the date not to be exceeded being June 30, 2023. More unofficially, there is above all a large part of strategy in there, in particular on the part of LeBron who tries to put pressure on the Lakers as Kurt Helin of NBC Sports. It’s simple: the King would not be really satisfied with the current roster of Purple and Gold. By thus raising the temperature, LBJ hopes to be able to advance the file Kyrie or Westbrook, in which Rob Pelinka seems to have taken out the oars for some time now. The names of Buddy Hield or Myles Turner are also on the table. Given the disastrous results of the previous season, some thought that the cyborg wanted to leave the franchise next summer. Admittedly, it certainly won’t, but the message is clear: improve me this damn team or I will reconsider the option “to pack my bags as soon as possible”. For its part, Los Angeles obviously has every interest in keeping its superstar. Unable to immediately begin a reconstruction due to its lack of Draft picks for the next few years, LA is also relying heavily on the economic benefits that the presence of a LeBron brings. And if we’re struggling to see the Lakers win the title in 2023 as it stands, we all know that having a stable contract a player turning 30/8/6 at 52.4% shooting last season does not really refuse. Can you imagine the franchise tomorrow if LeBron suddenly left? Well, don’t think too much, you risk irreparably damaging your brain.

To soon to be 38, LeBron James cannot sign an extension for more than two years due to the “Over-38 Rule“. Anyway, eager to be free in the summer of 2024 with the aim of joining the franchise where Bronny will land, the King could therefore add a year to his current contract, with a small player option on the 2024-25 season, in case -where. Patience Lakers Nation, LeBron is a regular at small pressure moves like that, ask Cavs fans.

Text source: NBC Sports / Yahoo Sports / CBS Sports

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