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New specialized breathable cover, eco-friendly bike wear, Continental gravel tires and stylish kit

Another week has passed, but in the wake of an incredible Women’s Tour de France, BikeRadar has continued to hold back, covering the latest news and posting our latest notes.

On Monday, we heard news about Unno’s updated Dash mountain bike, and the collaboration you didn’t know you needed between beer producers Corona and State Bicycle Co.

Tuesday saw more mountain biking news, with new Santa Cruz Nomad and the Maleficent Apocalypse breaking coverage giving rise to a Wednesday featuring Bird Aeris 9. gets a makeovermore notes Urban Electric Bike E/ 1 Rohloff from Vaast And the Time ATAC XC4 All-Mountain Pedals.

We also have a peek behind the curtain on the HQ of Italian ingredient brand Miche – What a joy to see a factory running again!

Next, Thursday brings Simon von Bromley’s review of Charming Cervélo S5 aero road bike for touring and crumbling The best road bikes you can buy for around £1,000 today.

It was also a day of cycling to work in the UK, so we defined the limits of our thinking as seasoned cyclists and updated BikeRadar’s guide to cycling in action.

S-Works Specialized Prevail 3 Helmet

With the new Prevail 3 helmet, Specialized is getting rid of EPS foam bridges and instead opting for an Air Cage design with aramid bars.
Ashley Quinlan / Our media

Big S recently released updates for two of its high performance helmets: Aero Evade 3 and Lighter Prevail 3.

In particular, the Prevail 3 caught my eye with its sleek integration with MIPS technology, while featuring cavernous perforations for airflow. Perfect for my sweat-prone forehead.

The EPS foam decks have been removed and replaced with the Air Cage design – essentially thin aramid cables that run through the main EPS body.

Four large ventilation holes allow air to flow through the helmet. Also…those aramid bars stand out from the rear.
Ashley Quinlan / Our media

MIPS integration comes in the form of Air Node technology, which effectively integrates the padding into the movable rotating inner sleeve.

According to Specialized, the Mindset Fit System, which includes an occipital base adjustment for optimal skull fit, as well as a Tri-Fix strap adjustment, makes the Prevail 3 comfortable to wear on a variety of head shapes.

The Prevail 3 uses MIPS Air Node technology, which is not a barrier to airflow.
Ashley Quinlan / Our media

This mid-size model tips the scales at an agile 260g in weight, which is excellent value for money according to the American brand’s claim.

Kostüme Edit: group preview 002 مجموعة

Pretty in Pink: Kostüme Edit: 002 Set to attract attention.
Ashley Quinlan / Our media

British boutique clothing brand Kostüme is on a mission to reduce cycling clothing waste.

It uses recycled materials as much as possible in its clothing, with an emphasis on utility and ride comfort for the wearer.

Created by Ed Bartlett, the brand launched the new season’s kit in mods and only manufactures the kit requested by customers. The result is said to be lower environmental impact on the planet.

All Kostüme tools are designed with recycled or recyclable materials.
Ashley Quinlan / Our media

Kostüme’s attention to detail is delicate, but it is small. I only used five fabrics in the original edition: 001 (currently available) across seven pieces, taking advantage of cut pieces where possible, but, says Bartlett, without sacrificing performance.

The cuffs and leg warmers, for example, feature a jersey cut material, which is thinner at the sleeve to create a seamless overlap with the jersey shorts and bib.

Cut with seamless edges, the Kostüme range is designed to be as comfortable as possible.
Ashley Quinlan / Our media

The clutch is printed everywhere post-build, so very little wasted silicone remains on the factory floor.

Another benefit of the “small and limited” branding approach is the ability to quickly iterate designs.

Edit: 002 includes matching jersey, base layer, shorts and hat. You can also purchase an arm warmer, knee warmer and snood (not pictured).
Ashley Quinlan / Our media

Where the biggest brands will already have their designs mass-produced well over a year in advance, Kostüme is able to make improvements between modifications. In the case of this mod:002, which is coming soon, a new canvas has been added to the cover to increase its longevity.

The shirt features two-layer pockets for extra storage on long trips.
Ashley Quinlan / Our media

Kostüme is also refreshingly candid about what he could improve on and says he constantly pushes himself to do so. Their packaging is biodegradable, but they publicly display their goal of finding better, more sustainable alternatives for the future.

We say congratulations.

All items are available for shipping to the United States and Europe.

Continental Terra Hardpack Tires

Terra Hardpack tires come tubeless, 50mm wide (only), in 700c and 650b sizes.
Steve Sayers / Our media

German tire company Continental launched the Terra Hardpack in May, claiming it was the perfect tire for performance on “closed roads, while still allowing you to navigate gravel sections safely”.

At 50mm wide, the tire features a fully flat center section with a tile-like tread and sharper knobs around the shoulders for extra grip when things loosen up a bit.

The tread allows for an efficient ride on hard surfaces, but also allows for some flexibility for a bit of grit.
Steve Sayers / Our media

The tire features Continental PureGrip compound, a stiffer and more flexible rubber than the BlackChili compound we’re used to seeing on the brand’s higher end tyres.

It’s backed by ShieldWall puncture protection, which lines the entire surface of the building to allow lower pressures to work.

The wavy tread on the shoulder of the tire should provide better grip on loose gravel.
Steve Sayers / Our media

Plus, the ShieldWall should be a godsend in case you’re unlucky enough to come across wall-ripping rocks on your adventure.

Terra packages are tubeless ready and compatible with hookless rims up to 73 psi. It is available in 700 EGP and 650B sizes.

  • £39.95 / €39.99 / $49.95

Syncros Handbook Versatile Toolbox

The Syncros Guide Multitool Kit offers a wide range of tools…
Ashley Quinlan / Our media

It’s not the season for gifts yet, but if you’re shopping early for someone, Syncros’ Multitool Guide might do the trick.

It includes a small 5Nm seven-bit torque wrench, including 3, 4, 5 and 6mm Allen keys and T15, T25 and T30 hex bits, and a Phillips PH2 drill bit.

…and these bags hide a chain tool, update a combination tensioner tool, and some sticky patches.
Ashley Quinlan / Our media

Additionally, the guide kit includes a chain breaker, a Mavic M7 spoke wrench, six tire patches and two heavy-duty tire levers.

This set of multi-tool guides folds beautifully and elegantly.
Ashley Quinlan / Our media

Everything is packed in a canvas bag, which Syncros says makes it perfect for stuffing in a jersey pocket or stuffing into a backpack.

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