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Reshaping the future of food thanks to its unique precision fermentation » PACA’s economic and political letter

Fooditive has given itself a mission: to reshape the future of food thanks to its unique precision fermentation.

Fooditive, a company that pioneered the development of innovative plant-based ingredients designed to deliver a better world and better health at affordable prices, celebrates the next step in ushering in a new era of business for the world. The Dutch startup at heart is reshaping the future to deliver on its promise of innovation by scaling existing products and showcasing their latest developments: LowSalt and Bee-Free-Honey.

Scale through sustainable collaborations and certification

Partnerships and expansion

Fooditives unique approach to its ingredients and processes has attracted changemakers and partners from countries such as New Zealand, Australia and the United States, to collaborate and then enable Fooditive to accelerate the realization of lasting global impact.

New recognition

Innovative products are necessary to have an impact, but they come with an additional legal challenge. By ensuring that products are safe and meet legal standards, Fooditive will be able to increase production and make its products widely available.

A new era: development for the future

Fooditive optimizes its recent patented processes and continues to develop solutions that are more respectful of people and the planet.
“For us, it feels like the next chapter of this journey has just begun. With the support of our shareholders, customers, partners and our team, we are determined to increase our impact and effect fundamental change in the industry. says Moayad Abushokhedim, founder of Fooditive.
As part of what Fooditive has learned from the development of casein, the team realizes the impact it can have in the biotechnology industry. Fooditive is entering a new phase of development with products that correspond to its vision and its planning towards 2030.

“More than a promise, a 100% natural commitment”

Fooditive Bee-free-Honey

Fooditive wants to continue to innovate using fermentation enzymes that save bees. Using the same system applied to its casein, the honey’s DNA is copied to create a product that behaves like traditional honey. Texture, taste, color and even health benefits can be imitated to achieve sweeter honey. Fooditive’s first trials are scheduled for early 2023.
The sequence modification process used in the development of Fooditive’s Bee-Free-Honey will be the springboard for a revolutionary breakthrough in the food and biotech industry, allowing Fooditive and the entire plant industry to perfectly mimic any animal product.

Fooditive LowSalt

Fooditive is once again taking up the challenge of finding an alternative to one of the most important raw materials: salt. Fooditive has developed a new type of LowSalt product which is made by modifying potassium chloride by adding citric acid and mixing it with a carrier agent to obtain a final product which is spray dried so that the low salt sodium content is twice as salty as natural salt.
Fooditive tackles the side effects of salt and offers a low sodium salty future that is also a greener alternative for the environment. LowSalt must ensure the taste and preservation of the final product, while protecting the consumer against an increase in blood pressure and weight gain. The Rotterdam-based company aims to carry out clinical trials and studies to understand the impact on our health and environment.

“Fooditive foresees the future of food for all”

About Fooditive B.V.

In 2018, the plant-based ingredient manufacturer Fooditive BV was established in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The company is committed to making healthy food accessible to everyone through its 100?% natural ingredients.
So far, the company’s unique fermentation process allows it to create a world-class sweetener made from secondary apple and pear waste. The unique approach taken with this sweetener not only delivers taste, but also functionality and lasting impact.
The latest product launched by Fooditive is a new plant-based protein that can be used in the food industry to replace dairy products in food and beverage applications. As the world begins to recognize the benefits of the vegan movement and sustainability, Fooditive’s Vegan Casein, a breakthrough innovation in the dairy replacement industry, is a high-quality, sustainable alternative to casein made from dairy products and has been well received in the market.
Fooditive is committed to achieving its mission and purpose. The Rotterdam-based company welcomes any person or company for future collaborations. –—remodeler-l-avenir-de-l-alimentation-grace-a-sa-fermentation-de- ,c3609965

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