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SM Caen. Godson Kyeremeh: “My loan to Annecy allowed me to move forward”

Godson Kyeremeh has successfully returned to Stade Malherbe after a year and a half on loan to Annecy. ©Aline Chatel

Author of eight goals and eleven assists last season at Annecy, Godson Kyeremeh largely contributed to the rise of his team at the same time as he was voted revelation of the season. The Stade Malherbe Caen striker extended his spectacular momentum by scoring the only weed goal in Nîmes on Saturday July 30, 2022, after additional time (0-1). His discovery of Ligue 2 is full of promise. All smiles, Godson Kyeremeh returned with us on his beautiful trajectory, Wednesday August 3 at the foot of the Ornano stadium.

Godson, starting the season with a goal is probably the scenario you dreamed of!

It’s always nice to score your first goal, especially in a match like this. We knew it was going to be quite complicated to go and play in Nîmes. We are happy to have brought back the three points in this first match. Personally, I had been waiting for this goal for a while. But the team will always come first.

Do you feel like a rookie or have you come home?

A bit of both. I already knew the facilities, the club, but I also feel like a rookie as I didn’t know the coach or most of the players.

What have you learned in a year and a half away from Caen?

Many things, already as a man. Meeting new people allowed me to move forward. When you’re with the same people all the time, it’s not necessarily good because you don’t open up. The fact of having met other people has allowed me to open up, whether in the context of football or outside of football.

Was leaving your cocoon in Caen complicated at first?

It was quite complicated at first. I had to adapt to new people, a new system, a new coach, new facilities… By dint of rubbing shoulders with other players and the staff, we are integrating little by little. I would advise young players who don’t play a lot in the first team to go on loan to National. It’s a good step and it allows you to see something other than what you usually see.

“The mind has helped me a lot to move forward”

Did last season really launch your career?

I had to achieve a season that pushes me a little more towards the professional world. I consider the National season as a semi-pro season. I needed a season like that to be able to get started. I am very proud of it today.

We found you a little frail with the reserve, you are not much thicker today. The National is presented as a rough championship. It was obviously not an obstacle for you.

We try to adapt to his qualities, so I made sure to perfect those that I already had and to progress on my faults. I managed to get out of it. I have to stay on this line, which is to progress both physically and mentally. The mind has helped me a lot to move forward.

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Godson Kyeremeh can always assert his overflowing qualities.
Godson Kyeremeh can always assert his qualities of overflow and percussion. ©Aline Chatel

Where do you essentially locate your room for improvement?

I have to progress everywhere, but I think that the major axis of progress is on the physical level. I still have to pass a course on it to better resist in the duels. It may allow me to score more goals, too (smile). This is a point that I need to improve. Ligue 2 is a higher level than what I have known, I am working to succeed in adapting.

You did a lot of stats last season. Do you have any particular expectations in this regard this year?

Yes, I have, but I prefer to keep it to myself (laughs). I had already kept them to myself last season.

“I had to come back to Caen”

In Annecy, what was your reflection for the future season?

I kept an eye on SM Caen but I was mainly focused on my season. We had to finish because we had a goal (the rise in Ligue 2, editor’s note). I was waiting for the end of the season to think about my return. But my head was in Malherbe. In any case, I had to come back here.

The game system in Caen is very different from that of Annecy. Did you have a question about your winger position, which does not exist in the current Caen scheme?

Every football player has to adapt. Today, it is not possible to evolve in a single position. I was waiting to have a discussion with the coach because I knew he was going to clarify the way he wanted me to play. That’s what happened. I have adapted and I will continue to adapt depending on where he puts me.

Will playing in attack allow you to broaden your palette?

I think. I will progress on certain points where I was average. I was in trouble with my back to the game. As I play more in that position, I work more on the qualities required. That’s another post, I find out. I’m more often in front of goal, it could allow me to score more. It’s interesting too. I take what there is to take.

We can imagine you very complementary to an Alexandre Mendy…

Yes, but it’s not just Alexander. There is Sam (Essende), Benjamin (Jeannot), Norman (Bassette). I will adapt according to the person with whom I will play.

The goal is to earn starting stripes as the season progresses?

That’s it. The goal is to scratch as much playing time as possible, to be in the group as often as possible and to play as often as possible.

You will discover the Ornano stadium next Monday against Metz. Are you already looking forward to it?

You shouldn’t be too impatient, otherwise you’ll have a bad match, but I’m obviously looking forward to it. We know it’s going to be a complicated match because Metz are a very good team, they’re even a favourite. But we would like to start at home. It will be an important match, like the others.

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