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Télématin (France 2): morning news from Julia, Thomas, Maya and Damien! | TV news

Your opinions on Télématin, the morning show on France 2 which offers news flashes, weather forecasts and practical life reports from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. each morning. Conviviality is at the rendezvous early in the morning in a colorful setting. Come and share your feelings on the pellets of the chroniclers of the show. Who is your favorite animator? Julia Vignali and Thomas Sotto during the week and Damien Thévenot / Maya Lauqué at the weekend? The Télématin forum is open.

The facelift of Télématin with Thomas SOTTO Julia VIGNALI Damien THÉVENOT Maya LAUQUÉ paid off: the morning meeting seduces viewers / © Patrick FOUQUE – FTV

Telematin is a television program broadcast in France since January 1985 on the Antenne 2 channel, which has since become France 2. It is a morning daily newspaper which offers newspapers, but also various sections on culture, health and practical life. . New TV talks about this cult French television program in more detail.

The hosts of Télématin on France 2: what you need to know

Since 2021, the show Telematin was entrusted to two pairs of journalists: Thomas Sotto and Julia Vignali from Monday to Thursday, Maya Lauqué and Damien Thévenot for presentations from Friday to Sunday.

Thomas Sotto or the good humor of Télématin

At the head of the Télématin program since August 23, 2021, Thomas Sotto was born on July 2, 1973 in Paris and is a French journalist and animator well known to viewers. Despite his new duties, he will retain his place on the show. It’s your turn to speak and as Laurent Delahousse’s joker on the France 2 newscast at the weekend.

Julia Vignali the female asset of Télématin


Your opinion on Maya Lauque and Damien Thevenot the duo of Telematin
Photo credit: Delphine GHOSAROSSIAN

Julia Vignali returns to her new role as presenter of the Télématin program at the same time as Thomas Sotto. The show is now getting a facelift with this duo of hosts and a new set. Born on July 13, 1975, this actress and French television host of Italian origin hosted her first daily in 2012, the show Kindergartens on France 5. She then presented numerous programs on M6.

Maya Lauqué returns to the news with Télématin

Born February 11, 1979, Maya Lauque wears many hats, including that of journalist and television presenter. E
She worked at i-Télé from 2007 to 2013, then co-presented the magazine from 2013 to 2021 The Daily on France 5. Since August 27, 2021, Maya Lauqué is co-presenter of the show Telematin on France 2, from Friday to Sunday.


New formula of Télématin de France 2 / Photo credit: Delphine GHOSAROSSIAN

Damien Thevenot the history of Télématin

Damien Thevenot is a journalist and French television and radio host, born on December 22, 1972. At the end of his studies, he worked for the editorial staff of France 2 as a journalist before joining the morning show of the public channel. Damien Thévenot hosts several sections in the show Telematin before becoming one of the hosts of the weekend following the eviction of Laurent Bignolas.

Damien Thevenot has become the official joker of Laurent Bignolas in Télématin since October 2017. It is the favorite of viewers. Damien Thévenot made himself known to viewers in particular through the show It’s on the program of Sophie Davant where he is joker in the animation but also where he was a culture columnist. Under William Leymergie, Damien Thévenot presented the Bookstore, Museums and Portrait sections. In addition, the animator also stood out in the reboot of Pyramid as a key word or in Everyone has their say. Finally Damien Thévenot had his own show, the TV game One word can hide another on France 2 but it did not go very well in 2016. Damien Thévéenot was born in 1972 (he is 47 years old). No info on his private life (marriage / children …). If you are a fan of Damien Thévenot, you can follow him on instagram @damienthevenot

Focus on the substitutes / jokers of Télématin


Your criticisms of Thomas Sotto and Julia Vignali’s weekday telematin
Photo credit: Delphine GHOSAROSSIAN

In case of absence, the titular presenters of the program are replaced by the jokers of Telematin. The regular replacements for the show are:

  • Anicet Mbida who is a columnist for the innovation section,
  • Johanna Ghiglia who presents the JT editions of Telematin from Monday to Thursday,
  • Axel de Tarlé, economic columnist for the morning show,
  • Estelle Colin, news presenter on Télématin.

In case of unavailability, a licensed facilitator Telematin may be replaced by another titular presenter. The program is therefore sometimes hosted by special duos formed by weekday and weekend hosts.

Télématin columnists

In addition to the hosts, new columnists are now on the air in Telematineven if a good part of the old ones are always present in the emission.

The weather and the news

Nathalie Rihouet, Valerie Maurice, Julia Martin and Myriam Seurat follow one another in the weather presentation. You will sometimes find Virginie Hilsonne as a joker. For the press review, Frederic Vion is at the presentation.

Regarding the news flash, Johanna Ghiglia replaces Karine Baste-Régis. We find it every half hour and for about ten minutes for the news, from Monday to Thursday. The rest of the week (Friday to Sunday), Estelle Colin takes care of the newspaper. The detailed news for 7 a.m., 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. is presented by the talented Julien Benedetto.

Practical life/health/culture/web sections

Many of the columnists remained faithful to their position on the morning show. This is for example the case of Laura Tenoudji alias “Laura du web”, who has been present for 20 years in Telematin. For the web and culture, you find Julia Livage while the high-tech meeting is presented by Anicet Mbidia.

The kitchen section is provided by Carinne Teyssandier with its detailed and gourmet recipes as well as Louise Petitrenaud who presents the chronicle Chef’s childhood memory. Since 2005, Olivia de Lamberterie gives weekly literary advice on Telematin. Music professional Alex Jaffray has been on the show since 2001.

New columnists nevertheless joined the adventure, such as general practitioner Vincent Valinducq for the health section and Andrea Decaudin for sport.

History of Télématin

Broadcast since January 10, 1985, Telematin is a morning adapted from the American show Today on NBC. The program is broadcast from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., first on Antenne 2, which has since become France 2. William Leymergie was the show’s cult host for a long time, from 1989 to 2017. He even became the show’s producer (today he is the head of William at noon on C8). His replacement, Laurent Bignolas remained the presenter of Telematin until 2021 and it faced a lot of criticism.

Thomas Sotto and Julia Vignali thus present from Monday to Thursday, and are replaced by Maya Lauque and Damien Thevenot from Friday to Sunday.

Laurent Bignolas the titular animator, departure July 2021

Laurent Bignolas has been the host of Télématin since 20117. He was previously revealed by the television news of France 3 19/20 or 12/13 but also Do not dream or even Thalassa. Then he also animated the morning of the channel France Info and the 6h info just before Télématin.
Laurent Bignolas was born in 1961 (he is 58 years old). He is married to Nathalie Hayter and has 2 children. Note that Laurent Bignolas is a trade unionist engaged as CGT manager within France Television. For Laurent Bignolas fans, you can follow him on his instagram @laurentbignolas

Laurent Bignolas

Did you like Télématin with Laurent Bignolas and Laura du web? / Screenshot

The Télématin replay

It is possible to find the replay of Telematin directly online on the site with archives of approximately three weeks. On, you can watch the show live or with the mobile application. A replay of the latest issues of Telematin is also available on the Salto platform Where Molotov. Note that on Youtube extracts from chronicles are published on the official account of Télématin.

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