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the resignation of the Peruvian Prime Minister

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This is the fourth departure of a Prime Minister of Pedro Castillo in a year. Peru21 specifies that Aníbal Torres Vásquez also posted on social networks the letter he sent to the President, in which he ” take this opportunity to thank [le président] of the confidence he has shown in him, first as Minister of Justice and then as Prime Minister “. A resignation, specifies the newspaper, of which the ex-Prime Minister did not really give the reasons. La Republica recalls that this resignation comes after a week of speculation on possible changes in the government, and specifies that a few days ago already, the parliamentarian Américo Gonza, from Free Peruthe member party of the ruling coalition, evoked a probable departure of the Prime Minister: “ I believe it has had its day “. For La RepublicaAníbal Torres Vásquez stood out above all for his strong defense of the government of Pedro Castillo, ” and by several controversies, when he took Adolf Hitler as an example or when he criticized the armed forces “. In Peru21, former President of Congress, Maria del Carmen Alva, believes that ” we must look for a new Prime Minister outside the government, someone more independent, who is not a yes-man and who does not tell the president that everything is perfect “.

Proposal for a ceasefire in Colombia

In Colombia, the most powerful dissident group of the former FARC guerrillas proposes a ceasefire to the elected president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, in a video posted this Wednesday, says The Heraldo. The group, known as ” Suroriental block and about 2,000 strong, had refused the 2016 peace accord. It is now proposing a ceasefire to find, underlines Universala political exit from the conflict that has bloodied the country for more than 50 years “. Universal which title on ” the reappearance by Ivan Mordisco. Because, as explained El Paíswhat catches the most attention in this press release is that the group claims that its negotiator for peace will be Ivan Lozada, known as Ivan Morcisco, whose death was announced on July 15 in an operation by the security forces. Universal recalls that the police had not found his body.

In Venezuela, eight years in prison for a former deputy

Juan Requesens was sentenced on Thursday for conspiracy. Efecto Cocuyo recalls that the politician was arrested on August 7, 2018, accused of having organized, with others, a drone attack against President Maduro, which would have taken place three days before. The government then accused Colombia of having organized the attack with the help of the United States and Peru. According to Juan Requesens’s lawyer, justice failed to prove his guilt. Eight other defendants received sentences ranging from 20 to 30 years in prison, reports El Nacional.

Cuba seeks currencies

In Cuba, the government announces that it will start buying dollars this Thursday at the black market rate, 120 Cuban pesos per greenback. The objective is to motivate people to sell currencies to the state, explains Marta Sabina Wilson, the president of the Central Bank, quoted by 14yMedio. For the opposition newspaper, ” the big loser of this announcement is the salaries of civil servants, who have no foreign currency – in foreign currencies: “ with this rate, the government recognizes that a professional can earn barely a hundredth of a dollar each month after full days of work “. While, underlines the newspaper, the country knows ” its worst economic crisis for 20 years “.

In the United States, the trial of a conspirator

The jury began its deliberations on Wednesday, after ten days of trial against far-right conspirator Alex Jones. He said the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012, which left 26 people dead, including 20 children, never happened. ” The grandiloquent Alex Jones “recalls the washington postclaimed for years to his millions of followers that the 2012 massacre was just a hoax, that the children had not been killed and that the parents were actors, in an elaborate ploy to push for a greater arms control”. Yesterday, before a jury that could condemn him to pay 150 million dollars, Alex Jones explained that he now understood “acting irresponsibly and that the deadliest school massacre in the United States was “ 100% real “.

But, write the washington post, for the parents of little Jesse Lewis, 6, these excuses are not enough. In their testimony yesterday, they talked about ” ten years of trauma inflicted by the death of their son and what followed: shots fired at their home, online and phone threats, and street harassment by strangers, fueled by Jones and his theory of the conspiracy served to its subscribers on its Infowars site “. A site, recalls the Texas Grandstand, banned in 2018 from many platforms (YouTube, Facebook) for violating their hate speech policies. Alex Jones claims to have lost millions of dollars then, but according to the attorney for the parents of Jesse Lewis, his income would have in fact increased.


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