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“When Messi smiles, the team smiles too”, sums up Galtier

The new Parisian coach looks back on the demonstration of his players in Clermont on Saturday evening (0-5), during the first day of Ligue 1.

The satisfactions : “The way in which we maintained a high rhythm, in which we put intensity to recover the ball as quickly as possible and this, whatever the zone of the ball carrier, it is a satisfaction. There was a lot of reaction to the loss of the ball. We insist on that, my staff and I talk about it a lot with the players. Whether it’s the match against Nantes or this one, it’s very good in this area. It’s only two games…»

The concept of pleasure : “Football is a game. By definition, when you play, you have to have fun. But the pleasure can only be present if everyone plays in unison, that everyone makes the effort for each other. There is the way in which we attack, with the individual quality of these great players, which means that the technical sequences are very good… even if we had more waste than we should have at certain times. But afterwards, there is also this desire to work all together, to show that we are there, not in relaxation. When you have this ability to want to play together on a technical level, to play for each other, but also (he insists) to make the efforts and the compensations for each other, the notion of pleasure is there. We still have to work on it, but we must always keep in mind that there must be no slacking, whatever the match, the score.»

When Messi is associated with Mbappé, there will be more attacking power.

Christophe Galtier

Lionel Messi : “I exchanged with Leo in Japan and with the whole attacking sector to ensure that he can perform all the time. He has a very sharp, very clear tactical sense, he has a culture, he quickly sees where he has to put himself. The way he defends, how he positions himself to play with each other… He is in an area that he likes and he likes to play with the players around him. When Leo smiles, of course the team smiles too. Its returned? I was not surprised by his gesture, but I appreciated the goal. You know, Leo has been playing at a very high level for 17 years. He had a bit of a tough season in 2021-22. We had to acclimatize, there was the change of life… All the seasons before, it was 30 goals minimum. From the moment he has made a complete preparation, he has his bearings in terms of his family life, but also in the club, the team, his partners, there is no reason that Leo should not do a great job. season. When he is paired with Kylian, there will be more offensive power. We will have to find the best possible orientation so that our offensive sector is efficient with each other.»

The lofters (those players who are part of a second training group) : “There is what labor law and the LFP allow us to do. During this transfer window, we can cut the group in two if we feel the need. Players who participate in the afternoon sessions know exactly what their situation is. They are professional players, we must respect them. It’s not easy for them. We’ll see if they manage to find a project that suits them or if they want to stay.»

Pablo Sarabia : “He played a lot due to the absence of Kylian Mbappé at the Champions Trophy (suspended) and at Clermont (adductors). He is coming out of a very big season (on loan at Sporting CP, editor’s note), he is a Spanish international and he has the ambition to participate in the World Cup. But I’m happy with what he’s doing.»

Warren Zaire-Emery, youngest player in the history of PSG : “She is a young person (16 years old) who seems to have a lot of maturity. Already, he loves football, his job, he loves the club. Already in the whole season, we talked about it with the management of the club, the sports management, to give hope to our young players, telling them that it will be possible to play at PSG. The formation of PSG is of quality. Everything I’ve seen in Japan and in the last few weeks, it seemed like it was time to give it its first minutes. He will remember it all his life. The game was almost folded. I am very happy for him and I know he is very happy. It is a strong signal given to our training too.»

Statements taken at a press conference


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