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“Whether we start with Pierre, Paul or Jacques, we have to be very efficient”, insists Galtier

The new Parisian coach took stock at a press conference this Thursday, two days before the match in Clermont on the first day of Ligue 1.

The 3-4-3 and low blocks : “We can think that it is a defensive diagram. I think it’s the reverse. It’s a system that can allow us to have more players in the high, offensive position, with very high pistons, a lot of people inside the game and in the box. At very high level, more and more teams are playing in this system, which allows them to attack in numbers and must also provide a fair balance in the face of opposing transitions. When you play against PSG, and I’m pretty well placed to know this, you often evolve in transition, blocking the ball coming out. This system, with different animations, can help get the ball out better, have the right balance in transitions and win the ball as quickly as possible.»

Balance and “MNM” : “It’s a pleasure and we are all very happy to recover Kylian (Mbappé). He is very happy to be back in competition too. Concerning the balance, the defensive withdrawal, it is a collective desire and an individual responsibility. There are very closed, very close moments during matches, when the team hasn’t gained the upper hand, and we have to be very careful not to give the opponent the possibility of making us run for a long time and long and wide. It is a collective priority but also a responsibility of each individual. The efforts are contagious, it makes others want to do the same. We have to be very attentive and rigorous on this as long as the match is not settled. It is also the responsibility of the middle or the defense to accept that, over certain periods, certain matches, we end up with attackers or pistons who have trouble coming back. We must have the will to accept all together that even if we have to defend all together, sometimes we can go through a pressing and that we will have to save time to allow the eliminated player to return to the team block.»

The satisfactions of preparation : “The group was serious and the state of mind was good. The players were available in the training sessions, very focused, they participated in the preparation for the matches, in this new system put in place with a lot of exchanges, corrections, improvements, but they also have ideas to assert, you have to listen and it was quite interesting in that sense. Almost the entire workforce did all the sessions.»

He’s a totally different player in terms of his explosiveness, his ability to break lines in the middle and to catch hits defensively.

Renato Sanches

Renato Sanches : “He is a player who has qualities that others do not have (within the squad), a different player from Marco (Verratti) and Viti (Vininha), or Danilo Pereira. He is a very explosive player, very hard-hitting, with impact. There was this opportunity on the market to take a player who knows Ligue 1 and the very high level, he is an international (Portuguese). He will have to integrate, he arrives late and he has not played at all in preparation (with Lille). He will therefore be behind his partners. But he’s a totally different player in terms of explosiveness, ability to break lines down the middle and to catch shotsdefensively.»

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physical preparation : “With the medical staff, the performance cell and the physical trainers with whom I have been used to working for several seasons, we were not in the reflection until mid-November. We are, week after week, in the idea of ​​making a calendar that allows us to have a weekly work cycle with a very precise load each day, always including a lot of technical and tactical work. It will be necessary to ventilate all this during the weeks with three matches. In addition to this workload and the number of matches to be played, there is the importance of data on each other’s state of form and of having a squad that will make PSG very successful. No matter who is on the pitch, PSG must perform. It is in this reflection that we work a lot with the sports management and the president to have a workforce made up of high-performance players. Whether we start with Pierre, Paul or Jacques, we have to be very efficient. It will also be necessary to manage, to spare the organisms on a physical level. I don’t like to talk about rotations, it seems to rule out the notion of performance. There will always be competition, the performance of the player will always be put forward. But we will have to, at the start or during the matches, arrange playing times so that the players are always efficient and that we lose as few players as possible by November 13. After the World Cup, we will see, there will be a winter transfer window, we will see how things will have evolved by then.»

Impatience before recovery : “We do this job to compete and experience emotions. Training is one thing, interviews another, but we live for competition, we obviously lack competition. It’s the first game. We want to enter this championship and as best as possible. It’s not excitement, there is an exciting side, but a real desire to enter the competition. The stadiums are often full when the PSG moves. It’s often THE game of the season for the team that receives us and there is therefore an environment that makes you face adversity. This is also what being the coach of PSG, leading this team. There is this desire to discover that.»

The praise of other French coaches : “I read what my colleagues, especially French, say, it’s a pleasure. I make sure to show solidarity with my colleagues. We do a very difficult job. When a colleague, French or not, is in difficulty or landed, he receives a message from me, it’s a difficult job and it can happen to me. But I am not and I do not want to be the ambassador of French coaches. I am a PSG coach, I have a mission, I accepted it with great pleasure. But I will never act as an ambassador for French clubs. I am the coach of an extraordinary team, a very exposed club and a very big club. I’m very happy about it. I get the tokens of support from everyone, but that’s it. Especially since they will want to beat me every time I play against them...”

We cannot have played 800 matches, won as many trophies, Champions League, without having been exemplary, demanding and very professional.

Christophe Galtier on Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos : “A locker room locker? He is part of the locker room executives. I usually have a manager who… (he hesitates) This profile of an experienced player, whether he plays or not, must bring you to the requirement of a very high level. We cannot have played 800 matches, won as many trophies, Champions League, without having been exemplary, demanding and very professional. Automatically he is part of the locker room executives. It happened to me, in different clubs, to have executives who did not play because there was better, with healthy competition. But I always rely on this player profile, with an extraordinary career, I always rely on the experience of these executives and what they must bring in terms of professionalism to each other and what they can also bring me to me on an experience that I did not have, that I did not have, answers to questions that I can ask myself. On Sergio, he didn’t miss any training sessions in preparation, he did a lot of preparation matches, he is good, good physically, he is working, he suffered a quadriceps shock during the Champions Trophy, I I therefore questioned twice to find out if he could finish the match as we discover ourselves. As he is a great competitor, even if he was in pain, and as he had not played a lot last season, he wanted to finish the match and show that he is ready and available to perform this season. .»

Mercato : “(he explains that he is still waiting for three players) Then there is the difficulty of the transfer window, I know that the president and the sports management with Luis Campos are working a lot on it. We are not here to stack players. I want a certain number of players in my squad, players who are very close to each other in terms of level to perform well throughout the season and create healthy competition. Will these three players arrive quickly, later, not at all? I do not know. I know that the club is doing everything to have a very competitive squad.»

Statements taken at a press conference

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